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Among of five provinces in North-Central Vietnam, Thanh Hoa Province is surrounded by Son La, Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh provinces on the north, Nghe An Province on the south, East Sea on the east with 102km coastline, and Laos on the west.

The Province is subdivided into 2 cities, 2 towns, and 23 districts including: Ba Thuoc, Cam Thuy, Dong Son, Ha Trung, Hau Loc, Hoang Hoa, Lang Chanh, Muong Lat, Nga Son, Ngoc Lac, Nhu Thanh, Nhu Xuan, Nong Cong, Quan Hoa, Quan Son, Quang Xuong, Thach Thanh, Thieu Hoa, Tho Xuan, Thuong Xuan, Trieu Son, Vinh Loc, Yen Dinh, Bim Son, Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa, an Sam Son.

Topography is divided into plain, coastal and mountainous regions. Hilly and mountains account three quarters of the total area. The Western region own abundant resources of forest products, and huge hydroelectric potentials. The plain is the third largest one of Vietnam.

Thanh Hoa map

Thanh Hoa what to see

Located 16km from Thanh Hoa City, Sam Son Beach attracts lot of visitors to relax and bath. Beside the beach, Sam Son offers scenic spots such as Trong Mai Rocks, Doc Cuoc Temple and Mount Co Tien.

Tourists also like to discover Ben En National Park in Nhu Thanh, Nhu Xuan districts. The park is a complex of tropical forests, hills, mountains, rivers, springs, and Muc Lake. With natural landscapes and diversified flora and fauna, Ben En is suitable to eco-tourism, sightseeing, and scientific studies.

Cam Luong Fish Spring is another interesting place in Thanh Hoa, The stream contains thousands of fish that no one dares catch it. Fish in the stream have red mouth and fins, and brown scales, resembling carp. Please come to this place to play with fish, visit beautiful caves and grottos, watch dancing performances of Muong people and enjoy traditional lam rice and can wine.

In addition of these, Thanh Hoa is famous of historical vestiges like Ham Rong Bridge, Ho Citadel and Lam Kinh Remains. Lam Son is the birthplace of national hero Le Loi and the starting point of the Lam Son revolutionary insurrection.

How to get to Thanh Hoa?

Thanh Hoa is 153km from Hanoi, 62km from Ninh Binh, and 139km from Vinh (Nghe An). National Highway No.1A and North-South Express Train run through province. There are National Highway No.15 linking to Nghe An and National Highway No.217 connecting to Laos via Na Meo Bordergate.

There are several ways for getting to Thanh Hoa. You can get there by private car, limousine shared transfer, shuttle, local bus, motorbike, train, or bicycle. Your choices are various depending on your departure location, your preferred means of transport, your trip duration, your personal interest and budget.

Getting to Thanh Hoa from Hanoi

Hanoi to Thanh Hoa private car

We have a big fleet of vehicle including 4, 5 seat Sedan, 7, 8 seat MPV, SUV, 4WD, 15, 16 Minivan, Minibus, 29, 35, 45 Coaches offering a wide selection of car rental packages. Options include easy bus station pickup, private transfers, car rental with driver, private car hire. We also have pickup trucks and box trucks to rent out (with driver) for overland trips, self-guided bicycle, motorbike tours to Thanh Hoa and the northern Vietnam.

No matter if in Thanh Hoa for travel, business, or pleasure you can find the right rental vehicle to match your budget and plans. Get around with more ease with a top quality car rental in Thanh Hoa from Vietnam Car Hire!

Hanoi to Thanh Hoa bus

There are local buses going to Thanh Hoa from Hanoi. Taking local public bus or shared transfer are low cost options for getting from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa. Most of Limousine service and shuttle buses depart from Giap Bat bus station in the south of downtown Hanoi. There are both day and night departures. Please bear in mind local buses are usually full at weekend and/or during school holidays in summer.

We at don’t provide bus ticket booking service. Therefore we can help you with updated information about bus schedule and train timetable you may need for planning your upcoming trip to Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. More details about this budget option can also be found online at our partner’s site:

Hanoi to Thanh Hoa motorbike

Adventure travelers may like renting a motorbike from Hanoi for getting to Thanh Hoa. This option will enable them to ride on less-busy traffic roads, small, and back roads where it is usually accessible for two wheels. Please note a valid Vietnamese driving license is required for riding motorbike in Vietnam.

Hanoi to Thanh Hoa bicycle

Taking a bike ride is another option for getting from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa. The journey requires 1 or 2 days. The option is recommended for adventure travelers to explore part of the North Central Vietnam at slow pace. Best time for taking this option is the winter when it used to be cool and dry (October through April). Good hybrid bikes can be rented in Hanoi bike shop.

Thanh Hoa when to go?

The weather in Thanh Hoa is tropical monsoon with four seasons and the average temperature is around 23 -24o C. The climate is also very dry with the average rainfall between 1600 and 2300mm a year, yet the high humidity rate often reaches 85%.

The best time to visit the region Thanh Hoa in Vietnam is from January until July and September until December, when you will have a pleasant till hot temperature and limited till mediocre rainfall. The highest average temperature in Thanh Hoa is 34°C in June and the lowest is 20°C in January.

Thanh Hoa car hire

Renting a car with driver assures a hassle-free journey to destinations, in and around Thanh Hoa Province. Vietnam Car Hire is a local transportation company that can help you to get your car rental bookings or airport transfers confirmed in just few clicks.

We have a big fleet of vehicle including 4, 5 seater Sedan, 7, 8 seater MPV, SUV, 15, 16 seater minivan, minibus, 29, 35, 45 coaches offering a wide selection of car rental packages in Thanh Hoa province as well as in northern Vietnam. Options include easy airport pickup, private transfers, car rental with driver, and private car hire. We also have pickup trucks and box trucks to rent out, also with driver for self-guided bicycle, motorbike tours.

No matter if in Thanh Hoa Vietnam for travel, business, or pleasure you can find the right rental vehicle to match your budget and plans. Get around with more ease with a top quality car rental in Thanh Hoa from Vietnam Car Hire!

Thanh Hoa car rental packages

The following packages are only sample car rental packages, private transfers we design for travelers to travel to Thanh Hoa province or from this province to other destinations in northern Vietnam. Please contact us for personalized routes, tailor-made travel plans, car rental options, best rates, deals, seasonal promotions, and service’s availability.

Private transfers to Thanh Hoa

Private transport from Thanh Hoa to other destinations in Vietnam

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to get to Thanh Hoa from Hanoi?

The best way to get to Thanh Hoa from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. Booking a private transfer from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa offers you the chance to make as many stops on the way as you wish for coffee breaks, side-road visits, or just taking pictures. The option also enables you to discover the province at your own pace. Booking a private car with driver is highly recommended for a Thanh Hoa family holidays, and Thanh Hoa photography tour.

How much does it cost to rent a car for Thanh Hoa Vietnam?

Thanh Hoa car hire rates vary much depending on your travel plan, rental cars, routes, date of travel, as well as your trip duration. Please let us know your working agenda (if you are on a business trip) or your day-to-day itinerary (travel), we will provide a quote.

What is the most popular rental cars in Thanh Hoa?

Thanh Hoa province is accessible by any type of vehicle including 4 Seater car, 7 seater car, 16 seater minivan, 29 seater coach, and 45 seater coach. 4 seat cars are the most popular rental cars for individual travel, and 16 seat minibus for small groups and family travel.

Why should I book Thanh Hoa private transfer with Vietnam Car Hire?

When booking Thanh Hoa car hire via, all your car rental options will be suggested by senior car rental agents who live in Vietnam. They are drivers, tour guides, and local people who have been to Thanh Hoa. They can provide practical, updated information about this destination. There are no extra costs and no hidden fees involved in booking a rental car with Vietnam Car Hire.

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