Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam, also known as Middle Vietnam or The Middle, formerly known as Trung Phan by South Vietnam, Trung Ky and Annam under French Indochina, is one of the three geographical regions within Vietnam.

The name Trung Bo was used by the king Bao Dại when he established administrative level higher than Province in 1945, instead of the Trung Ky which recalled the French occupation. This name was officially used by government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and is popularly used today.

First explore the ancient imperial city of Hue, nestled on the picturesque Perfume River. Hue was the seat of the Royal Imperial Court for centuries and its influence is seen today in the city’s architecture and culture. Several elaborate tombs and the mighty Citadel are still standing and modern buildings continue to incorporate design elements reminiscent of the era. The city’s food reflects the culinary demands of the former emperors and is regarded as the best in the country.

Further south, Hoi An remains seemingly untouched from its years as a popular trading port. The traditional houses, tailor shops, and local markets are a delight to explore. The center is also the country’s narrowest strip of land and the scenery is extremely diverse. The stretch of land referred to as ‘the Central Highlands’ is another trekking destination for exploring Vietnam’s ethnic hill tribes.

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