Mitsubishi Zinger

7 seater mpv mitsubishi zinger

Mitsubishi Zinger

The Mitsubishi Zinger is a compact MPV designed by Mitsubishi Motors in conjunction with the China Motor Corporation from Taiwan, based on the chassis of the Mitsubishi Challenger, and sold in Taiwan from December 24, 2005. The name derives from a “person or something full of energy and vitality”.

Since June 2007 it has also been marketed in the Philippines as the Mitsubishi Fuzion, as the company claims it “merges together the best characteristics of [three] vehicles, the sporty character and ruggedness of an SUV, the spaciousness and versatility of a van, and riding comfort of a passenger car”.

The 4-speed automatic model engine was replaced by a 4G69 MIVEC-equipped version at the end of 2008, in order to meet new emissions standards. The 5-speed manual model still use the 4G64 engine.

Since 2015/10 4G69 detuned from 159HP to 136HP with peak torque rpm changed from 4500rpm to 2300rpm, incorporated with new 5 speed automatic transmission (4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmission discontinued), also rebadged from Mitsubishi to CMC motors logo.

The Mitsubishi Fuzion was removed from the Mitsubishi Philippines website in 2016. While from 2015, the Zinger received a mild facelift, and was transferred into a product branded as CMC following the recent change of CMC re-positioning itself as a domestic Taiwanese car brand. The facelift includes CMC logo replacements and the signature CMC front grille and bumper design.

Although the Mitsubishi Zinger is designed to carry a maximum of 7 people including 1 driver and 6 passengers, we recommend this vehicle for a maximum of 3 passengers (without tour guide) or two passengers and a tour guide with a maximum of two suitcases.

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