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Daewoo Lacetti

Daewoo Lacetti is one of our budget sedan 4 seater cars we hire in Vietnam for sightseeing, travel and business trips. It has a capacity of 4 people including the driver and three passengers.

Daewoo Lacetti for rental with driver

The Lacetti was styled by the Pinifarina Design Studio in Italy. The appearance and style of the vehicle reflects this influence; it has a definite European look and feel. Overall the finish, both interior and exterior, is of a high standard. Interior moldings and trim reflect a quality feel rather than built-to-a-price feel that Korean vehicles in this class have displayed in the past. This improvement is most likely a result of the increased involvement by General Motors. The only criticism is that a slight waviness was evident in the lower sections of the door skins.

It is similar in specification to the 1.8-litre Astra. The engine is smaller in capacity to the previous 2.0-litre Nubira, and develops 8kW less power and 20Nm less torque. However, the peak torque figure is at 4,000 rpm – 400 rpm lower than the previous model, which gives improved mid-range performance and flexibility on the road.

Daewoo Lacetti for rental with driver vietnam car hire

The automatic transmission is an all-new unit, which employs the latest technology. Adaptive gear control adjusts to the driving conditions by the use of Fuzzy Logic, a term used to describe the electronic software that controls and alters the transmission shift points.

Driver and passenger comfort is excellent; the driver’s seat has separate adjustments for height and lumbar support as well as an infinitely adjustable rotary knob for backrest adjustment.

A range of measures to improve occupant safety have been incorporated into the body structure. High strength steel has been used in critical areas in the body structure to improve rigidity and passenger compartment safety.

Daewoo Lacetti for rental with driver

Around town the Lacetti feels lively and spirited, the 1.8-litre engine easily coping with the demands of city driving. Similarly, on the highway, the Lacetti gives a competent, sure-footed performance.

The tyres fitted to the vehicle are 195/55×15 Kumhos and give the Lacetti good grip, however the open tread design of the makes them susceptible to noise on coarser sections of road. Some initial harshness was felt in suspension travel, also likely due to the low profile tyres.

The automatic transmission became confused on occasion, delaying the selection of the next ratio slightly. The steering assistance was good; however, it did not transmit a lot of feel to the driver on tight, twisty sections of open road.

Daewoo Lacetti for rental with driver - vietnam car hire

The driving position has a large range of adjustments to suit most drivers, and the cabin ergonomics mean that controls fall to hand easily, with the exception of the oddly placed electric boot release button.

Although this 4 door vehicle is designed to carry a maximum of 1 driver and 4 passengers, we recommend the Daewoo Lacetti for a group of 3 passengers or two passengers and a tour guide with maximum two pieces of luggage (suitcase).

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