bmv 750li

BMV 750Li

Among mass market automakers, very few brands offer flagship sedans designed to be the epitome of luxury and performance. Lexus has its LS, Mercedes-Benz its S-class, and BMW the 7-series.

The latest incarnation of the latter is the all-new 2009 BMW 750Li. Signifying a major update, this 750Li starts a new internal body designation series, going from the previous E66 to F02 for this 2009 model.

As Lexus and Mercedes-Benz do with their flagships, BMW pours all of its technology into the 750Li. Because its competitors haven’t been updated in a few years, the 750Li gets to trump them with new tech features such as night vision with pedestrian recognition, dynamic traffic avoidance, lane departure warning, a head-up display, and a navigation system with topographic maps.

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