7 Seat MPV

toyota innova

A great way for groups of up to 5 to travel and experience Vietnam together, our MPVs are a convenient and affordable rental option. Great for family holidays and small groups this affordable minivan rental has plenty of room for everyone.

A minivan is a vehicle designed primarily for passengers, with two or three rows of seating accessed via large doors. Offering car-like handling and fuel economy, minivans typically have unibody construction, front-wheel or all-wheel drive, greater height than sedan or station wagon counterparts, and have re-configurable interiors with flexible or removable seating — to prioritize either passenger or cargo volume. In international markets, the minivan is classified as multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) or people carrier.

The capacity of a MPV is for 7 people maximum, including the driver. Therefore we recommend the 7 seater MPV for a group of 3 passengers who travel the lowlands of Vietnam with a maximum of two suitcase or three medium-size bags of luggage. When these MPV is needed for a party of 5 passengers, there is not much space left for luggage. Our MPV fleet includes Toyota Innova and Mitsubishi Zinger.

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