Rach Gia Airport

Rach Gia airport, located at the southwestern coastal area of Kien Giang province, is civil airport of Airports Corporation of Vietnam. This airport serves for both civil and military purposes.

Rach Gia Airport is 07 kilometers away from Rach Gia city southeastwards and bounded by rice fields, ponds, and swamps in the west, east, south; highway 80 in the north.

Rach Gia Airport was built by the French colonialists in 1950s after they had occupied the South of Vietnam. At that time, the main function of the airport was to ensure administrative communications between Saigon and the Southwest of Vietnam. In early 1960, Rach Gia airport was continuously built to serve military operation with a total area of ​​489,200 square meters, runway of 1,170 meters in length and 30 meters in width, taxiway of 85 meters long and 15 meters wide, apron covering of 5,500 square meters, and passenger terminal spreading of 60 square meters.

After national liberation in 1975, Rach Gia airport almost served for agricultural production. In 1979, the airport was expanded the additional area of 32,875 square meters. In 2007, Rach Gia Airport – Passenger terminal building, Apron, and car parking were invested by Southern Airports Corporation (presently Airports Corporation of Vietnam). That helped Rach Gia Airport be able to serve 200,000 passengers/year, 150 passengers in peak hour.

At present, VASCO is operating flights to/from Rach Gia Airport to connect Rach Gia and Ho Chi Minh city, Rach Gia and Phu Quoc.
Route Ho Chi Minh city – Rach Gia – Ho Chi Minh city: 2 flights per day.
Route Phu Quoc – Rach Gia – Phu Quoc: 2 flights per day.

Rach Gia Airport Map

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