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Da Nang City is located in middle of Central Vietnam, between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, separated from Laos by the western Truong Son Mountains. It is surrounded by Thua Thien Hue along the northern border and Quang Nam on the southern border. It is embraced by the East Sea with 150km of seacoast.

Da Nang is the commercial and educational centre of Central Vietnam, and is the largest city in the region. It has a well-sheltered, easily accessible port, and its location on National Route 1A and the North–South Railway makes it a transport hub. It is within 100 km (62 mi) of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Imperial City of Hue, the Old Town of Hoi An, and the My Son ruins.

Topography is rather complex. The south is impressive Hai Van Pass with Mang Mountain 1,708m, Ba Na Mountain 1,487m. The east is Son Tra Peninsula, an ideal site of yellow sand beaches, historical remains, and rare bird and animal species. The south is Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains). The seashore is Hoang Sa archipelago with a large fishery.

Da Nang map

Da Nang what to see

The tourism sector is a vital component of Da Nang’s economy. Its status as a transportation hub for central Vietnam and its proximity to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Imperial City of Hue, the Old Town of Hoi An, and the My Son ruins fuels much of its tourist activity.

My Son is an archaeological site dating back more than a thousand years, in Quang Nam. Located in a remote forested valley some 70 km west of Da Nang, this former capital and religious center of the Champa kingdom once contained in excess of 70 style temples and stupas. Although badly damaged by bombing raids in the 1960s, the site still has more than 20 structures and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Many statues, sculptures and reliefs recovered from My Son are kept in the Museum of Cham Sculpture, near the Han River in the heart of Da Nang. Dating from the fourth to the 14th centuries, the sensual artwork on these works depicts daily activities as well as Hindu and Buddhist religious themes.

The Marble Mountains are rocky limestone outcrops jutting out of the beach just south of Da Nang. Paths lead to the top of the forested cliffs, providing views of Non Nuoc Beach and the Bien Dong Sea. The caves in the cliffs were originally inhabited by the Cham people. Later, the Nguyen Dynasty built numerous pagodas among the caves. The Marble Mountains are home to various artisans producing sculpture and artwork at its base at Non Nuoc Village.

Non Nuoc Beach is a white sandy beach on the outskirts of Da Nang that is renowned for its history as an R&R destination for American troops during the Vietnam War. Today, the beach, along with My Khe beach to the north, are home to expensive resorts, surfing and entertainment facilities. Ba Na Hills is a mountain resort with a 5 km-long cable car system which carries guests up to Ba Na’s peak at 1487m above sea level.

Son Tra Mountain, just some miles away from the city centre with some wild streams and resorts along the seaside.

How to get to Da Nang?

Da Nang is 108km from Hue, 130km from Quang Ngai, 763km from Hanoi, and 947km from Ho Chi Minh City. The Da Nang International Airport is 2.5km south-west of the city center. Thong Nhat Express train, which connects Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, stop in Da Nang. There are marine routes to international and domestic ports. Tien Sa and Han River ports are located in a very wonderful position.

There are several ways for getting to Da Nang. You can get there by private car, limousine shared transfer, shuttle, local bus, motorbike, train, flight, or bicycle. Your choices are various depending on your departure location, your preferred means of transport, your trip duration, your personal interest and budget.

Getting to Da Nang from Hue

Hue to Da Nang private car

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Hue to Da Nang bus

There are several bus companies that go from Hue to Da Nang. Taking local public bus or shared transfer are low cost options for getting from Hue to Da Nang. At vietnamcarhire.com we don’t provide bus ticket booking service. Therefore we can help you with updated information about bus schedule and train timetable you may need for planning your upcoming trip to Da Nang Vietnam. More details about this budget option can also be found online at our partner’s site: 12go.asia

Hue to Da Nang train

Located on the 1,600km-long, single-track North-South Railway Line between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it’s possible to travel from Hue to Da Nang by train. There are 4-5 departures daily from each city, with the fastest train covering the distance in about 2.5 hours while the slowest train takes nearly 4 hours.

Da Nang when to go?

Da Nang has a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons: a typhoon and wet season from September to December and a dry season from January to August. Temperatures have an annual average of around 26 °C (79 °F). Cold waves can occasionally occur although they are of short duration. Temperatures are highest between June and August with mean temperatures of 28 to 30 °C (82 to 86 °F)), and lowest between December and February (mean temperature of 18 to 23 °C (64 to 73 °F)). In Ba Na Hills, the temperatures are lower with an annual average of 20 °C (68 °F). The annual average for humidity is 81%, with highs between October and January (reaching 84–86%) and lows between June and August (reaching 75–77%).

On average, Da Nang receives 2,153 mm (84.8 in) of rainfall. Rainfall is typically highest between September and November (ranging from 550 to 1,000 mm (22 to 39 in)) and lowest between February and April (ranging from 23 to 40 mm (0.91 to 1.57 in)). Da Nang receives an average of 2156 hours of sunlight annually, with highs between 234 and 277 hours per month in May and June and lows between 69 and 165 hours per month in November and December.

Da Nang car hire

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Private transfers to Da Nang

Private transport from Da Nang to other destinations in South-Central Vietnam

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to get to Da Nang from Hue?

The best way to get to Da Nang from Hue is to rent a car with driver (for travel). Booking a private transfer from Hue to Da Nang offers you the chance to make as many stops on the way as you wish for coffee breaks, side-road visits, or just taking pictures. The option also enables you to discover the beautiful landscapes of the South-Central Coast of Vietnam.

How much does it cost to rent a car for Da Nang Vietnam?

Da Nang car rental rates vary much depending on your travel plan, rental cars, routes, date of travel, as well as your trip duration. Please let us know your working agenda (if you are on a business trip) or your day-to-day itinerary (travel), we will provide a quote.

What is the fastest way for getting from Hue to Da Nang?

The fastest way for getting from Hue to Da Nang is to take a private car with driver.

What is the cheapest way to get to Da Nang from Hue?

The cheapest way to get to Da Nang from Hue is to bus. There are also low cost train tickets from Hue to Da Nang (hard seat).

What is the most popular rental cars in Da Nang?

Da Nang province is accessible by any type of vehicle including 4 Seater car, 7 seater car, 16 seater minivan, 29 seater coach, and 45 seater coach. 4 seat cars are the most popular rental cars for individual travel, and 16 seat minibus for small groups and family travel.

Why should I book Da Nang private transfer with Vietnam Car Hire?

When booking Da Nang car hire via vietnamcarhire.com, all your car rental options will be suggested by senior car rental agents who live in Vietnam. They are drivers, tour guides, and local people who have been to Da Nang. They can provide practical, updated information about this destination. There are no extra costs and no hidden fees involved in booking a rental car with Vietnam Car Hire.

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