26-30 Seater Cars

Our fleet of 30 seater cars include Japanese, Korean and Vietnam buses such as Hyundai County, Toyota Coster, Isuzu, Thaco bus…

These 30 seater cars are ideal for a party of 12 people, and can fit up to a party of maximum 16 people having 12 medium-size bags. Please find hereunder our guideline for booking a minivan, minibus for tour and travel in Vietnam.

With guide

  • Passengers: 11 people maximum.
  • Luggage: 11 medium-size bags maximum

Without guide

  • Passengers: 12 people maximum.
  • Luggage: 12 medium-size bags maximum

For short distance transfer, day trip, day tour a minibus/minivan can fit a party of 16 people (without luggage on the car).